INNOVATIONS in Community Research and Program Evaluation

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    INNOVATIONS offers a wide array of services for community agencies and organizations. Use the following to learn more about specific services designed to enhance our partners’ work:

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    + Program Development and Continuous Quality Improvement

    We assist agencies with program and strategic planning, evaluation, and implementation that supports their continuous quality improvement and long-term sustainability.

    + Community Engagement and Research

    We collaborate with partners on research projects that foster health promotion, prevention and intervention.

    + Community Training and Staff Development

    Our programs help partner staff increase their community and organizational awareness. We also assist partners with implementation of evidence-based practices, cultural competencies and health/behavioral health intervention.

    + Technical Support

    INNOVATIONS empowers agencies through hands-on consultation and web-based data management, technology integration, assessment and staff development.

    + Fostering Positive Systems Change

    We facilitate collaborative, public policy and advocacy efforts that benefit child, family and community systems.

    + Training and Mentoring

    We train and mentor high school, undergraduate, graduate, and early-career professionals to prepare them for careers in community health and health disparities research.

    + Data Management and Analysis

    Our team provides primary and secondary data analysis and synthesis, data merging and aggregation, web-based data management design and systems operation for our partners.

    + Web-Based Services

    We offer innovative web-based data capture, real-time report functionality (e.g. Dashboard) and web-based survey design to enhance our partners’ analytical abilities.

    + Other Specialized Services

    INNOVATIONS can provide a wide range of services to assist partners including needs and assets assessments, resource mapping, web-based surveys, report writing, document development, focus groups, survey development, literature reviews, grant writing, and on-site or remote consulting.