• Research Faculty

  • A photo of Robert Shapiro.

    Robert Allan Shapiro, MD Director, Child Abuse Team / Mayerson Center for Safe and Healthy Children

    is interested in the area of child abuse. Recently he has concentrated on studies which describe the degree of consensus between physicians who make the abuse diagnosis. He hopes that his work will increase the degree of certainty when abuse is suspected.


    A photo of Barbara W. Boat.

    Barbara W. Boat, PhD Director, The Childhood Trust

    is an associate professor for the UC Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience and director of the Childhood Trust.


    A photo of Elena Duma.

    Elena M. Duma, MD

    is part of the education focus group.


    A photo of Mary Greiner.

    Mary V. Greiner, MD Director, CHECK Foster Care Clinic

    is a child abuse pediatrician who is doing clinical research in child abuse and foster care health. She is studying abusive head trauma, with specific interest in the role of diagnostic radiology to determine risk factors for subdural hemorrhages, as well as looking at outcomes of children with head injury. Research in the disparities of foster care health as well as the impact of interventions, such as specialized care and focused screenings, is a second clinical focus.


    A photo of Kathi Makoroff.

    Kathi L. Makoroff, MD Fellowship Director, Child Abuse Pediatrics

    is an associate professor within the UC Department of Pediatrics and the fellowship director for child abuse pediatrics.


    A photo of Erica Pearl Messer.

    Erica Pearl Messer, PsyD Pediatric Psychologist, Clinical, Behavioral Medicine & Clinical Psychology

    is an assistant professor for Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology at Cincinnati Children's within the UC Department of Pediatrics. She has research focus in foster care.


    A photo of Erna Olafson.

    Erna Olafson, PhD, PsyD Director, Childhood Trauma Treatment Training

    is a professor of pediatrics in the Division of Emergency Medicine within the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. She has a special interest in child maltreatment.