• Trainees

    The laboratory trains people at all levels: undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and clinicians who wish to apply their knowledge to basic research. Normally, the laboratory consists of a mix of these trainees, with postdoctoral fellows making up the majority of the eight to 10 person lab.

    A trainee will have the opportunity to make defined changes in the cardiovascular complement and then understand those changes at the molecular, biochemical, cellular, organ and whole animal levels. She or he will then have the opportunity to pursue the downstream targets responsible for those changes by carrying out interrogations of the total genome using in silico and bioinformatic approaches.

    The laboratory has trained many scientists who have gone on to develop their own laboratories and establish distinguished research programs.

  • Past Trainees

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    Training Period

    Degree Awarded,
    Year & University

    Title of Research Project

    Current Position

    Chan, C-B.1998-2000BS 1997
    Myosin isoformClinician
    Hottinger, S.2005-2009BS 2004
    Alpha B crystallin in the heartMedical writer
    Knotts, S.1991-1995BS 1989
    Beta myosin gene expressionAssociate professor
    Palermo1991-1996BS 1989
    Structure-function relationships in muscle proteinsAssistant professor
    Reed, T.1992-1993MS 1992
    Wright State
    Retinoids and cardiac developmentBusinessman
    Sanchez, A.1988-1993PhD 1993
    Characterization of mouse embryonic stem cellsProfessor and HHMI investigator
    Tomczyk, A.1997-1998BS 1996
    Cardiomyopathic modelsLawyer
    Gilliam, T.C.1982-1985BS 1981
    Contractile protein in the dystrophiesProfessor and chair, Univ. of Chicago
    Freyer, A.G1982-1986BS
    Cloning the myosin genesProfessor, Columbia
    NameTraining PeriodDegree Awarded
    Year & University
    Title of Research ProjectCurrent Position
    Adolph, E.1991-1992MD 1991
    Case Western
    Colbert, M.1994-1996PhD 1989
    Retinoic acidAssociate professor
    Dalloz, F.2000-2002PhD 1998
    Burgundy, France
    Muscle protein isoform contentAssociate professor
    Fewell, J.1995-1998PhD 1995
    Florida State
    Profiles of cardiac failureSenior scientist, Merck
    Foose, J.1995-1997MD 1995
    Transgenic analysis of gene activityAssociate professor
    Furuno, S.2000-2001PhD 1995
    Kanazawa, Japan
    Hypertrophic cardiomyopathyAssociate professor
    Hewett, T.1989-1993PhD 1987
    In vitro analysis of myosinProfessor and Director, Sports Medicine, Ohio State University
    Hsu, J.1992-1993MD 1987
    Capital Institute of Medicine, China
    DNA gene analysis of contractile proteinsAssociate professor
    Jones, W.K.1991-1996PhD 1987
    Gene targeting of myosinAssociate professor
    Krenz, M.2003-2006MD 1993
    Heidelberg, Germany
    Myosin isoformsAssistant professor, University of Missouri
    Maloyan, A.2005-2009PhD 2002
    Hadassah, Israel
    Small heat shock proteinsAssistant professor
    Nakamura, T2005-2009MD 1998
    Noonan syndromeAssociate professor, Kyoto
    Parker-Thornberg, J.1991-1993PhD 1991
    Transgenic analysis of diaphragm myosinAssociate professor
    Rindt, H.1990-1995PhD 1990
    Max Planck Institute, Germany
    Transgenic promoter analysesAssociate professor
    Sadayappan, S.2003-2009PhD 1999
    Madurai Kamaraj, India
    Cardiac signaling in the normal and abnormal heartAssistant professor, Loyola University
    Sanbe, A.1997-2000PhD 1995
    Structure / function relationships of the contractile proteinProfessor, Director, Molecular Cell Pharmacology, National Research Institute for Child Health Development
    Schwartzbauer, G.1999-2001PhD 1997
    Wang, X.1997-2001PhD 1998
    South Dakota
    Dissecting desmin-related cardiomyopathy with mouse transgenesisProfessor
    White, J.2002-2005PhD 2001
    Transcriptional analysis of muscleFellow
    Yang, Q.1997-2000PhD 1997
    Washington State
    Myosin binding protein C’s role in normal and disease modelsAssociate professor,
    University of Alabama