• Missions and Goals

    Focus Areas, Projects, CoresThe overall goal is to support basic, translational, and clinical research on critical pediatric kidney diseases that have major unmet needs.

    Our Missions

    • To attract outstanding scientific expertise into the multidisciplinary study of critical but underserved pediatric kidney diseases
    • To provide high-resource Gene Expression, Proteomics, and Biomarker Cores to support the study of pediatric kidney diseases locally, regionally, and nationally
    • To support novel exploratory pilot studies that will form the basis for future investigator-initiated applications to study pediatric kidney diseases in our focus areas

    Our Focus Areas

    The overarching theme of the Center of Excellence is to conduct innovative and high-impact bench-to-bedside studies on three critical but underserved pediatric kidney diseases identified as Research Objectives of RFA-DK-009. Our three areas of focus include:

    • Acute Kidney Injury
    • Nephrotic Syndrome
    • Lupus Nephritis