Nephrology and Hypertension

Nephrology and Hypertension Grants

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Devarajan, P

2013 Medical Student Summer Research Program
P50 DK 09641809/21/12-08/31/13$28,000
Critical Translational Studies in Pediatric Nephrology
P50 DK 09641809/21/12-08/31/17$598,487
Novel Biomarkers in Cardiac Surgery to Detect Acute Kidney Injury
R01 DK 08575704/01/13-03/31/14$17,509
Progression of Acute Kidney Injury to Chronic Kidney Disease
U01 DK 08218509/02/08-06/30/13$38,500
Novel Serum and Urinary Biomarkers of Diabetic Kidney Disease
R01 DK 09654909/01/12-06/30/17$5,774

Dixon, B

DNA Damage and Response in the Bladder Microenvironment.
K08 DK 08173707/01/11-04/30/15$136,922

Goldstein, S

Pharmacokinetics of Understudied Drugs Administered to Children per Standard of Care

Hooper, D

Reliable System for Blood Pressure
KL2 TR 00007804/01/12-03/31/14$92,655

Mitsnefes, M

Cardiovascular Disease in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease
K24 DK 09007007/01/11-06/30/16$158,899
Cincinnati Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences and Training - CTRC
UL1 TR 00007704/03/09-03/31/14$1,506,532

Siroky, B

ER Stress in the Pathogenesis & Treatment of TSC Renal Cystic Disease
12/15/11 -12/14/13$66,000
Current Year Direct$2,653,128
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Current Year Direct Receipts$359,717