Neurology Grants

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Gilbert, D

2/2-Anomalous Motor Physiology in ADHD
R01 MH 09501405/01/12-04/30/17$168,003
4/8-Collaborative Genomic Studies of Tourette Disorder
R01 MH 09252009/15/11-06/30/14$50,000

Glauser, T

Cincinnati Neuroscience Clinical Trials Research Center
U10 NS 07731109/30/11-08/31/18$100,000
Impact of Initial Therapy and Response on Long Term Outcome in Children with CAE
U01 NS 04591109/01/10-08/31/14$2,539,145
Midazolam for the Pediatric Trials Network

Hershey, A / Powers, S

Amitriptyline and Topiramate in the Prevention of Childhood Migraine
U01 NS 0767889/30/11-8/31/16$2,414,730

Holland-Bouley, K

Sodium Channel Gene Variation in the Treatment of Epilepsy
R01 NS 06275604/01/09-03/31/14$192,938

Krueger, D

Early Biomarkers of Autism Spectrum Disorders in Infants with Tuberous Sclerosis
U01 NS 08232009/01/12-08/31/17$519,972
Potential EEG Biomarkers and Antiepileptogenic Strategies for Epilepsy in TSC
P20 NS 08019909/01/12-08/31/15$29,568
Topical Rapamycin Therapy to Alleviate Cutaneous Manifestations of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex
TSC Autism Center of Excellence Research Network (TACERN) Research
TSC Neurocognitive Clinical Trial

Moran, M

Genetic Susceptibility to PCB-Induced Motor Dysfunction
R15 ES 02005302/18/13-06/30/13$5,229

Vannest, J

Imaging the Effect of Centrotemporal Spikes and Seizures on Language in Children
R01 NS 06584009/15/11-06/30/16$382,402

Vorhees, C

Training Grant in Teratology
T32 ES 0705107/01/12-06/30/17$289,214
Current Year Direct$6,802,888
Industry Contracts

Franz, D



Hershey, A


Holland-Bouley, K


Kabbouche, M


Krueger, D


Morita, D


Vorhees, C


Wong, B

Current Year Direct Receipts$1,202,848