• Biplap Dasgupta headshot.
    Biplap Dasgupta headshot.

    Biplab Dasgupta, PhD

    Principal Investigator
    Research Interests:
    Energy sensing and metabolic pathways in neural cells, neural stem cells, brain cancer stem cells.
    Mouse models of high grade human brain tumor (glioma) and mechanisms of resistance of brain cancer cells.
    Molecular hubs of nutrient sensing, oxygen sensing, oncogene and tumor suppressor signaling in glioma.
    Molecular mechanisms of energy-dependent and independent functions of the cellular energy sensor AMP Kinase in mammalian brain development, cell fate choice and differentiation, cell survival, metabolic stress, cell division and mobility.
    Identification of new druggable targets in brain cancer.

    Biplab Dasgupta

    Sameer Kumar headshot.
    Sameer Kumar headshot.

    Sameer Kumar, PhD

    Postdoctoral Fellow
    Contact: 513-803-0440
    Research Interests:
    AMPK function in mouse forebrain development.
    Mouse models of human brain cancer.
    AMPK function in glioma stem cells.
    AMPK function in glioma cell mitosis and migration.

    Sameer Kumar

    Xiaona Liu headshot.
    Xiaona Liu headshot.

    Xiaona Liu, MD

    Research Assistant
    Contact: 513-803-0440
    Research Interests:
    Brain cancer metabolism, AMPK signaling in brain cancer cells and stem cells.
    Mechanisms of resistance of glioma stem cells and new targets in brain cancer.
    Mouse models of glioma.

    Xiaona Liu

  • Summer students

    Michael Cunningham
    (Biomedical Engineering student at University of Pittsburgh)

    Lavina Jethani

    Sara Yachishin
    (University of Cincinnati Under graduate)
    Project: Understanding the mechanism of AMPK modulating agents in pediatric glioma.

    Broti Gupta
    (Seven Hills High School, Cincinnati)
    Project: Understanding the basics of hands on molecular biology.

    Lab Aid  

    Kunal Karnani
    (Undergraduate, University of Cincinnati Dual Admissions program)