Cook Lab

  • Developmental Cell Cover.

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    Developmental Cell Cover.

    Developmental Cell Cover

    Cook T, Pichaud F, Sonneville R, Papatsenko D, Desplan C. Distinction between color photoreceptor cell fates is controlled by Prospero in Drosophila. Dev Cell. 4:853-64, 2003 (featured on cover).

  • Developmental Biology Cover.

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    Developmental Biology Cover.

    Developmental Biology Cover

    McDonald EC, Workman M, Reischl J, Wimmer E, Gebelein B, Cook TA. Multiple transcriptional regulatory domains within Otd control photoreceptor differentiation. Dev Biol. 347:122-32, 2010 (featured on cover).

  • Neural Development Cover.

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    Neural Development Cover.

    Neural Development Cover

    Charlton-Perkins M, Whitaker SL, Fei Y, Gebelein B, Cook TA. Prospero and Pax2 combinatorially control neural cell fate decisions by modulating EGF and Notch-dependent signaling. Neural Dev, 2011.