• Meet the Hamada Lab

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    Michelle Chu

    A student at Mars Hill Academy, Michelle joined the Hamada Lab in 2013 as part of the ExSEL II program. 

    Michelle Chu


    Tadahiro Goda, PhD

    Research Fellow
    Phone: 513-803-1673
    E-mail: tadahiro.goda@cchmc.org

    Tadahiro Goda received a PhD in biology at Kyushu University, Japan in 2001. He worked at the National Institute for Medical Research, UK, as a research associate developing amphibian genetic approaches using Xenopus tropicalis from 2002 to 2006. He then moved to the University of Virginia to study Drosophila circadian clocks from 2007 to 2011. Since November 2011, he has worked in the Hamada lab revealing the molecular and neural mechanisms of Drosophila temperature preference rhythms.  

    Tadahiro Goda


    Sean Hayley, RVT

    Research Assistant II
    Phone: 513-803-0942
    E-mail: sean.hayley@cchmc.org

    Sean Hayley graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2009 with an AS in Veterinary Technology. A 20-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Sean worked as a Veterinary Technician in a general practice animal hospital for 2 years before starting at Cincinnati Children’s in October of 2010 as a Laboratory Animal Technician in the Veterinary Services Department. He accepted his current position in the Hamada lab in May of 2013.

    Sean Hayley

    Fumika Hamada.
    Fumika Hamada.

    Fumika Hamada, PhD

    Principal Investigator
    Phone: 513-803-1662
    Email: fumika.hamada@cchmc.org

    Fumika Hamada is an assistant professor of pediatrics in the Division of Ophthalmology. She received a BS, MS and PhD, all in biology, from Tokyo University of Science in 1999, 2001 and 2004, respectively. She moved to Harvard Medical School where she conducted postdoctoral research in biology and genetics from 2004-2005 with Mitzi Kuroda, PhD. In 2005, she continued postdoctoral research at Brandeis University in neurobiology with Paul Garrity, PhD.  In September 2009, she began her own lab at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. 

    Fumika Hamada

    Xin Tang , PhD.
    Xin Tang , PhD.

    Xin Tang , PhD

    Research Fellow
    Phone: 513-803-1673
    E-mail: xin.tang@cchmc.org

    Xin Tang received her BS in China. In 2010, she graduated from Vanderbilt University with a PhD in neuroscience. Before coming to Cincinnati Children’s to work as a research fellow, she studied the modulation of the GABAA ligand-gated ion channel by protein phosphorylation under the supervision of Robert  Macdonald, MD, PhD. 

    Xin Tang , PhD


    Yujiro Umezaki, PhD

    Research Fellow
    Phone: 513-803-0942
    E-mail: yujiro.umezaki@cchmc.org

    Yujiro Umezaki received a PhD in biology at Okayama University, Japan in 2011. He worked at Okayama University researching Drosophila circadian rhythms from 2011 to 2012. He then moved to Juntendo University School of Medicine to study neurodegenerative diseases using Drosophila from April 2012 to October 2013. Since November 2013, he has worked in the Hamada lab as a post-doc studying the temperature preference rhythms of Drosophila.

    Yujiro Umezaki

  • Alumni

    Haruna Kaneko, PhD
    Kaneko-Haruna-Hamada Lab_60

    Haruna Kaneko received a BS in biology in 2002 and an MS in biology in 2004, both at Tokyo University of Science. She transferred to Tokyo Medical and Dental University, where she graduated with a PhD in medical sciences in 2008. She worked in the Hamada lab as a post-doc from October 2009-January 2011.

    Michael Platt (current: MD student in Ohio University)
    Plat-Michael-Hamada Lab(2)

    Michael Platt is a student at Xavier University (2012) studying biology in preparation for a medical health care career. From 2009-2011, Platt volunteered in the Hematology/Oncology Department at Cincinnati Children’s. He worked in the Hamada lab as a lab-aide from January 2011-May 2012 and as a Student III during the summer of 2013.

    Lauren Head (current: PhD student in Emory University)
    Head-Lauren-Hamada Lab_60

    Lauren Head graduated from Xavier University in December 2010 with a BS in biology with minors in chemistry and peace studies. While an undergraduate, Head worked for Dr. Yutaka Yoshida in Developmental Biology at Cincinnati Children’s as a laboratory aide from 2008-2010, and for Fumika Hamada as a SURF student in the summer of 2010. She worked in the Hamada lab as a RAII from January 2011-May 2012.

    Manna Fujiwara

    Manna Fujuwara came to the Hamada lab from the Tokyo University of Science as a visiting undergrad student from September 2012 – February 2013.

    Haley Herchek

    Haley Herchek is currently studying biology, chemistry, and peace studies at Xavier University and will be graduating in the spring of 2014.  Although she has been a Hamada lab aide since the fall of 2012, she is also concurrently conducting a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship through UC which will be part of her senior research for Xavier.