• Active Grants

    Noah Hillman

    Lung injury with Resuscitation of the Preterm

    NIH-NHLBI K08-HL097085
    This project will study the pathogenesis and early inflammatory perturbations induced by mechanical ventilation using a preterm sheep model.
    Funding: $129,870 a year –through June 30, 2014

    Suhas Kallapur

    Mechanisms of Fetal Inflammatory Response Syndrome Induced by Chorioamnionitis

    NIH-NICHD   R01 HD57869
    This project will study the pathogenesis of fetal systemic inflammatory response syndrome (FIRS) in preterm fetuses exposed to endotoxin-induced chorioamnionitis in sheep. The grant will also evaluate the fetal innate immune responses to chorioamnionitis and how endotoxin tolerance modulates FIRS.
    Funding: $250,638 a year through Jan. 31, 2014