• Research Faculty

  • A photo of Jeffrey Whitsett.

    Jeffrey A. Whitsett, MD Co-Director, Perinatal Institute

    investigates the hierarchy of transcriptional controls and signaling cascades which determine commitment of progenitor cells that produce the differentiated epithelial cells lining the primordial and mature respiratory tract. The goal of his research is to provide insight into the pathogenesis of acute and chronic lung disorders. The role of surfactant in innate host defense and lung function is also an ongoing interest.
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    A photo of Shawn K. Ahlfeld.

    Shawn K. Ahlfeld, MD

    investigates the effects of neonatal lung injury on alveolar repair and development. Using developmentally-relevant genetic and physiologic approaches, he is identifying the role of interstitial fibroblasts in mechanisms behind alveolar simplification characteristic of bronchopulmonary dysplasia, with the long-term goal of developing novel therapies that promote normal alveolar lung development and function.


    A photo of Hitesh Deshmukh.

    Hitesh Deshmukh, MD, PhD

    and his laboratory focuses on the role of intestinal commensal bacteria in development of appropriate innate immune responses to pathogens in neonates. The ultimate goal of this research is to develop novel therapeutic approaches to decrease mortality in premature babies, one of the most vulnerable groups.


    A photo of Alan Jobe.

    Alan H. Jobe, MD, PhD Director, Division of Perinatal Biology

    has a special research focus on surfactant physiology. Dr. Jobe is also interested in lung maturation and lung injury in the fetus and newborn, the use of antenatal corticosteroids, and lung injury with ventilation of the preterm infant.


    A photo of Suhas G. Kallapur.

    Suhas G. Kallapur, MD Director, Neonatology Continuing Medical Education

    is interested in understanding how the fetus copes with and adapts to infectious and inflammatory insults in utero e.g. exposure to chorioamnionitis. Dr. Kallapur’s research focus is to understand the pathogenesis of lung injury and systemic inflammatory responses in fetuses and newborns. His lab uses a sheep model and has begun some work in humans.
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