• Plastic Surgery Research at Cincinnati Children’s

    Our research focuses on a few main areas. The Bone Tissue Engineering research program investigates new methods of engineering bone for craniofacial reconstruction. Findings from these projects may soon improve the quality and success of craniomaxillofacial reconstruction surgery, intended to repair congenital defects.

    Another area of research explores the developmental processes behind craniofacial shape. By better understanding the musculoskeletal influences that control skull development, we hope to gain insight into the causes of craniofacial anomalies.

  • Diverse Research into Facial Abnormalities

    We conduct basic science research using a systems biology approach to identify miRs that could result in facial abnormalities. Additional clinical research studies various causes and outcomes of mandibular distraction, and assesses the outcomes of cleft lip and palate surgery.

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    The Division of Plastic Surgery provides a complete range of diagnostic and treatment services for children and adolescents.

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  • Plastic Surgery

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  • Division Data Summary

    Research and Training Details

    Number of Faculty10
    Number of Joint Appointment Faculty1
    Number of Research Fellows1
    Number of Research Students2
    Number of Support Personnel1
    Direct Annual Grant Support$325,000
    Direct Annual Industry Support$147,572
    Peer Reviewed Publications20

    Clinical Activities and Training

    Number of Clinical Staff3
    Number of Clinical Fellows1
    Number of Other Students3
    Inpatient Encounters693
    Outpatient Encounters6,122