Weaver Lab

  • SP-C proprotein.

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    SP-C proprotein.

    SP-C proprotein
    The N-terminal propeptide (green) and the C-terminal peptide (blue) are cleaved to generate the mature peptide (red) that is secreted into the alveolar airspaces with surfactant lipids. Three disease-associated mutations under study in the Weaver lab are shown: I73T, Δexon 4 (results in deletion of amino acids 109-145) and L188Q.

  • Lung comparision.

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    Lung comparision.

    High expression of the SP-CΔexon4 mutant profoundly disrupts lung development in transgenic mice (TG1). Lower expression of the transgene results in a less severe phenotype (TG2 and TG3). For comparison, a WT lung is shown in the lower right panel.