• Education and Training Opportunities

    The faculty of the Division of Reproductive Sciences has a long history of educating and training young scientists.

    • Dr. S. K. Dey has graduated 5 PhD students, and mentored 39 postdoctoral students, 20 of whom are currently independent faculty members, and most others are investigators in major research institutions.  
    • Dr. Sanjoy Das has trained 18 post-doctoral students and residents, supervised 8 graduate and 2 medical students and mentored 12 undergraduate and high school students. 
  • Faculty in our division serve as supervisors for graduate students at the University of Cincinnati who wish to complete their PhD in basic research. Learn more.
    We provide post-doctoral training in basic research through programs in the Children’s Hospital Research Foundation and the University of Cincinnati graduate training programs. Learn more.
    Our division works in coordination with other divisions to provide basic research experience to medical fellows. Learn more.
    Undergraduate college students and high school students may apply for opportunities in our lab via the programs offered by the Children’s Hospital Research Foundation Student Scholars Program. Learn more.
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