• Basic Science Research

    Our basic science investigations seek to uncover gene expression profiles in MAS and flow cytometric profiles for MAS and other JIA subtypes. In addition, we explore the use of animal models of arthritis to assess the functionality of certain genes.

    Gene Expression Profiles in Systemic Onset Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and Macrophage Activation Syndrome

    In this project, we seek to identify molecular pathways associated with the development of MAS. Through our use of rapidly evolving microarray technology, we can simultaneously assess the expression of thousands of genes to identify these pathways.

    Support: NIH PO1-AR048929 Program Project Grant – competitive renewal in 2010.

    Flow Cytometric Analysis of PBMC in Subsets of JIA Patients

    In this project we utilize flow cytometry to identify the prevalence of several cell populations in PBMC of JIA patients. These cellular markers are then compared with gene expression profiles from the same samples.

    Support: NIH PO1-AR048929 Program Project Grant – competitive renewal in 2010.

    Regulation of Angptl4 Expression in Human Synovial Fibroblasts

    Angptl4 is highly expressed in arthritic synovial fibroblasts. This project focuses on understanding the regulation of Angptl4 specific to stimuli within the arthritic joint.

    Effects of Angptl4 on Animal Models of Arthritis

    Angptl4 was found to be one of the most highly expressed genes in arthritic synovium of mice with collagen-induced arthritis. Using a mouse model, we are assessing the effects of Angptl4 deficiency on the incidence and severity of the disease.