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    The William S. Rowe Division of Rheumatology at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is involved in numerous cutting-edge research program level efforts to better our understanding of pediatric rheumatic diseases.

    NIAMS P-30: To Promote Cutting-Edge Research Through Cooperative Efforts

    The Cincinnati Rheumatic Diseases Core Center (P30 AR47363) has been funded since 2001. The Division of Rheumatology at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center is focused on studying rheumatic diseases of childhood. In keeping with this tradition, the goals of the center are to promote and foster cutting-edge research that will further the understanding of the pathophysiologies of the rheumatic diseases, lead to novel therapeutic approaches to the treatment of these diseases, and change the outcome for children suffering from them.

    For more information about this study, contact Susan Thompson, PhD.

    NIAMS P-60: Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Center (MCRC): To Provide Needed Expertise for the Division of Rheumatology That Are Not Available at the Laboratory Level

    The P-60 Multidisciplinary Clinical Research Center provides resources to the Division of Rheumatology and the research base that would be impossible for any single laboratory to provide on its own. These services have markedly and positively impacted on the growth of rheumatology in both Cincinnati Children’s and in the close collaborations within the MCRC. Collaboration of the MCRC with other researchers and organizations as well as the MCRC Research Base have worked synergistically to promote research in pediatric rheumatology. The Division of Rheumatology has expanded substantially as a result of the award of the P60 centers, and this expansion is particularly notable in terms of faculty, papers, grant support and fellows.

    For more information about this study, contact Daniel Lovell, MD, MPH.

    NIAMS P-01: To Identify Gene Expression Patterns to Use as New Markers of Disease

    Through the P-01 Program for Gene Expression in Pediatric Arthritis, the level of mRNA of all genes in blood cells will be measured by microarray analysis to identify patterns specific to JIA patients, specific JIA subtypes, response to treatment or outcome variables. These expression markers may provide a molecular basis for treatment decisions at early stages of disease.

    For more information about this study, contact Susan Thompson, PhD or Daniel Lovell, MD, MPH.

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