Section of Neonatology, Perinatal and Pulmonary Biology

Section of Neonatology, Perinatal and Pulmonary Biology Grants

Grant and Contract AwardsAnnual Direct

Bridges, J

The Role of HIF2a in Airway Smooth Muscle Remodeling

Chen, G

The Role of Foxa3 in the Regulation of Mucus Metaplasia and Innate Immunity in the Lung

Glasser, S

Role of Surfactant Protein-C and Innate Lung Defense
R01 HL 05004608/01/09-07/31/13$247,500

Hillman, N

Lung Injury with Resuscitation in the Preterm
K08 HL 09708508/01/09-02/28/13$63,589

Jobe, A / Chougnet, C (MPI)

Biomarkers of Immunologic Function and Preterm Respiratory Outcomes
U01 HL 10180005/01/10-04/30/14$364,354
Jobe, ACore$171,178
Chougnet, CProject$80,237
Chougnet, CProject$31,216
Kingma, PProject$20,228
Hardie, WProject$55,739
Morrow, AProject$14,011
Data Coordinating Center for the Prematurity and Respiratory Outcomes Program
U01 HL 10179409/20/10-04/30/15$28,079
Jobe, ACapitation$80,542
Initiation and Progression of Preterm Lung Injury with Ventilation
R01 DH 07284208/01/12-05/31/17$202,274

Jobe, A / Kallapur, S

Late Preterm Birth, Ureaplasma Species and Childhood Lung Disease
R01 HL 09706409/24/09-07/31/13$347,743

Kalin, T

Role of Foxm1 in Lung Cancer Microenvironment
R01 CA 14272407/01/10-06/30/15$201,275

Kalinichenko, V

Foxf1 Transcription Factor in Development of Pulmonary Capillaries
R01 HL 08415105/01/11-04/30/15$238,000

Kallapur, S

Mechanisms of Fetal Inflammatory Response Syndrome Induced by Chorioamnionitis
R01 HD 05786902/03/09-01/31/14$237,900

Kamath, B

Novel Amniotic Fluid Biomarkers to Predict Fetal Lung Maturity
K12 HD 05195307/01/11-06/30/13$100,000

Kenny, A

Secreted BMP Antagonists in Foregut Organ Development
K08 HL 10566112/08/10-11/30/15$121,300

Kingma, P

Surfactant Protein D in Pulmonary and Systemic Host Defense
K08 HL 08950507/01/08-06/30/13$121,600

LeCras, T / Hershey, G

Impact of Early Life Diesel Exposure on Immune Patterning and Lung Structure/Function
R01 HL 09713509/01/09-07/31/14$332,402

Merhar, S

Functional MRI to Predict Visual, Auditory, and Motor Outcomes in Infants with Brain Injury
Protein Supplementation in Infants with Brain Injury

Morrow, A

Novel Genetic and Salivary Glycan Biomarkers for Risk of NEC in ELBW Infants
R01 HD 05914001/15/09-12/31/13$537,158
The Role of Human Milk in Infant Nutrition and Health
P01 HD 01302108/01/09-07/31/14$957,390
MorrowCore A, C & Project 1, 3$504,629
MorrowCore B$177,233
JiangProject 2$115,600
JiangCore D$85,577

Muglia, L

Genetic Analysis of Human Preterm Birth
Amygdala Glucocorticoid Receptor Function in Stress
R01 MH 07901001/01/12-12/31/13$236,027

Perl, A

FGF and PDGF Regulate Myofibroblast Differentiation in Alveolar Regeneration
R01 HL 10400307/01/10-06/30/14$247,500


NICHD Cooperative Multicenter Neonatal Research Network
U10 HD 02785304/01/11-03/31/16$186,953
Schibler, KCapitation$84,882

Shannon, J

LPCAT1 is Essential for Perinatal Lung Function and Survival
R01 HL 09831907/01/10-06/30/14$313,566

Sinner, D

Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Lung Growth and Hypoplasia: Role of Wntless
Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Upper Airway Patterning and Tracheomalacia
K01 HL 11544708/01/12-07/31/17$104,071

Trapnell, B

Role of GM-CSF in Myeloid Cell Function and Innate Immunity
R01 HL 08545304/01/11-03/31/16$238,000
Cincinnati Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences and Training (Pilot/Collaborative Studies)
UL1 TR 00007704/03/09-03/31/14$23,181

Valentine, C

DHA Attenuates Inflammatory Responses through Altering Rage Signaling
R01 AT 00688009/30/11-06/30/15$17,787

Weaver, T

Role of SFTPC in Pathogenesis of Interstitial Lung Disease
R01 HL 08649212/01/08-11/30/13$292,260
The Role of Autophagy in the Pathogenesis of interstitial Lung Disease
R01 HL 10392308/01/11-06/30/15$333,612

Wexelblatt, S

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) Project
Wexelblatt, SCapitation$1,402

Whitsett, J

Airway Progenitor Cell Proliferation and Differentiation During Lung Repair
U01 HL 11096401/01/12-12/31/16$520,096
Pulmonary and Cardiovascular Development Training Grant
T32 HL 00775207/01/09-06/30/14$258,283
Transcriptional Control of Submucosal Gland Formation and Function
R01 HL 10890707/01/11-04/30/15$246,546
Transcriptional Programming of Asthma Related Pathology in Respiratory Epithelia
R01 HL 0955804/15/13-03/31/18$328,882
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Research Development Program (Core 1)

Xu, Y

Role of SREBP Network in Surfactant Lipid Homeostasis and Lung Maturation
R01 HL 10543307/01/11-06/30/15$301,045
Current Year Direct$8,157,006
Industry Contracts

Kallapur, S


Kingma, P


Morrow, A


Valentine, C

Current Year Direct Receipts$285,409