• Research Faculty

  • A photo of Steven B. Hoath.

    Steven B. Hoath, MD

    has varied research interests including epidermal barrier development (in utero and postnatal), fetal and neonatal skin adaptation (skin/environment interactions), tissue engineering of human skin (in vitro systems), innate immune function (biology of vernix and skin proteomics), development of non-invasive skin-based sensors for brain monitoring and the role of the skin as a critical interface for health care delivery.


    A photo of Vivek Narendran, MD.

    Vivek Narendran, MD, MRCP, MBA Medical Director, University of Cincinnati Medical Center NICU

    is interested in innate immunity of the skin with a particular focus on epidermal biomarkers and antimicrobial peptides on the skin surface.


    A photo of Marty Visscher.

    Marty O. Visscher, PhD Director, Skin Sciences Program

    studies the development and adaptation of the skin barrier in premature and full term infants, the biology of vernix caseosa, skin barrier repair, the effect of topical emollient therapy to reduce infant mortality, and irritant contact dermatitis in health care.  She uses color, three dimensional thermal skin imaging and skin biomarker analysis to quantify treatment response in infantile hemangiomas, wounds and scars.