• Forms and Guidelines

    Form 1: Writing Group and Publication Concept Form (WGPCF)
    Form 2: Writing Group and Paper Concept Review Form (WGPCRF)
    Form 3: Manuscript Submission Form (MSF)
    Form 4: Manuscript Review Form (MRF)
    Form 5: Publication Submission Form (PSF)
    Form 6: Publication Policy Violation Form (PPVF)
    Form 7: Change of Writing Group Membership Form (CWGMF)
    Form 8: Slides Request Form (SRF)
    Form A1: Additional Co-authors Form (ACF)
    Form A2: Additional Individuals Leaving the Writing Group Form (AILWG)
    Form A3: Additional Individuals Joining the Writing Group Form (AIJWG)
    Form A4: Duality of Interest Form (DOIF)

    Teen-LABS Consortium Publications and Presentations Guidelines [.pdf]

    Teen-LABS Data Request Guidelines [.pdf]