• Research Faculty

  • A photo of Pramod Reddy.

    Pramod P. Reddy, MD Director, Division of Pediatric Urology

    is a pediatric urologist studying the molecular regulation of bladder organogenesis using a Xenopus animal model, tissue engineering strategies for bladder substitution/replacement and epigenetic changes in bladder outlet obstruction. He conducts several clinic outcome studies on neurogenic detrusor instability, overactive bladder and the use of catheters in children with neurogenic bladders.


    A photo of William Robert DeFoor Jr.

    William Robert DeFoor Jr., MD, MPH Director, Clinical Research

    is a pediatric urologist conducting a multi-institutional clinical trial to assess outcomes in vesico-ureteral reflux. Other studies include outcomes in neurogenic bladder (NGB), urinary biomarkers in ureteropelvic junction obstruction, complications of clean intermittent catheterization, urinary metabolic evaluations in bariatric patients, and UTI prevention with gentamicin bladder irrigations. 


    A photo of Joo-Seop Park.

    Joo-Seop Park, PhD

    is interested in understanding how progenitor cells maintain their multi-potent status and how they differentiate into different types of cells during organogenesis of the mammalian kidney and bladder. His lab studies transcriptional and epigenetic controls of cis-regulatory modules that act downstream of various signaling pathways.

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