• Teen Health Center

    A Team Approach to Teen Health

    As a pioneer in the development of adolescent medicine in the United States, the Teen Health Center of the Division of Adolescent and Transition Medicine offers a well-coordinated, multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of medical, social, emotional, sexual, educational and nutritional concerns confronting youths 12 through 21.

    The Teen Health Center staff is available to see patients under age 12 when they encounter problems related to puberty.

    Individualized care is provided to adolescents and their families by a team of health professionals representing medicine, nursing, social work, psychology and nutrition. Patients requiring hospitalization are admitted to Cincinnati Children’s adolescent inpatient unit.


    The Teen Health Center offers a wide range of programs and services, including:

  • The Cincinnati Children’s Teen Health Center physicians and nurse practitioners provide primary healthcare for young people ages 12 through 21.

    These services are provided for adolescents who receive healthcare at the Teen Health Center. Teenagers with emotional and behavioral concerns are offered individual and family counseling services. Mental health therapists have extensive experience assisting teens and families as they face the unique issues of adolescence.