• HealthWorks! Nutrition Program

    Registered dietitians provide individual nutrition counseling and group nutrition education sessions to help each child and teen improve their eating habits. Our dietitians help families set realistic, step-by-step goals that build healthy eating habits, selecting an eating plan that best fits their lifestyle and accounts for their child’s likes and dislikes. Parents and other caregivers play a key role in providing the support and encouragement needed for their child or teen to eat better, improve their health and achieve a healthier weight.

    In the group education sessions, parents/caregivers and their children participate in hands-on nutrition activities, including:

      • Food tastings
      • Menu planning
      • Recipe rehab
      • Cooking
      • Grocery store tours

    Download the current Group Class Schedule

    The goal of these classes is to expand the variety of healthy foods prepared, served and eaten at home.  These sessions will also focus on age-sized portions, plus making healthier choices when eating away from home.

    What kind of eating plan will my child follow?

    During the first nutrition visit, a registered dietitian will learn about the current eating style of the young person and their family.  Then together, the family, young person and dietitian will choose an eating plan that meets their nutrition and family needs.  Our proven eating plans adapt to meet the cultural needs of our families. 

    Eating plans in the HealthWorks! nutrition program are:

    • Healthy Eating Plan – a “traffic-light” approach that groups foods by their glycemic index (GI)
    • Staged Approach – nutrient-balanced, portion-controlled
    • Calorie-specific eating plans
    • Modified low-carbohydrate plan
    • Individualized eating plan

    Healthy Weight Is a Family Affair

    To reach and stay at a healthy weight, a young person needs the support of family and caregivers. We include and involve parents and family members in our program as much as possible with the following:

    Nutrition Classes offered at Cincinnati Children’s Main Hospital Campus

    • Group nutrition education sessions: Families participate in ‘hands-on” nutrition activities that are designed to teach families about delicious ways of cooking healthy. Food tastings, hands on cooking, age-appropriate serving sizes and eating away from home are a few of the topics we cover.

    Class Locations

    • Main Campus - The Herald Building
      1st Floor Community Conference Room, 3440 Burnet Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45229
    • Northern Kentucky
      2765 Chapel Place, Crestview Hills, KY 41017
    • Green Township
      5899 Harrison Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45248
    • Liberty Township
      7777 Yankee Rd. Liberty Township, OH 45044

    Location Directions

    Eating Healthy Resources

    Kick-start your child’s healthy eating habits with tasty meal ideas. Use the links below for great recipes to last you through the week and beyond!

  • Group Class Schedule

    Download the current Group Class Schedule. The schedule also includes information about available cooking classes. Download location directions.
  • Karina's Story

    For Karina, coming of age has meant transforming from an overweight child to a healthy teenager. Her mom brought her to Cincinnati Children's when she was 12 to join HealthWorks!, a program that encourages families to make healthy lifestyle changes. It's working. This is the story she shared with dietitian Barb Lattin.

  • More Physical Fun

    Each 1-hour activity session within the Healthworks! Physical Activity Program includes cardiovascular exercise, strength training, flexibility and active play.

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