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    Referrals and Consultations

    The Brain Tumor Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is a part of the Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute.

    Experts in the Brain Tumor Center serve as a resource for other physicians, patients and families by providing second opinions and consultations.

    Our program has a referral coordinator who works with patients, families and referring physicians to obtain detailed medical information, test results, radiology imaging, and pathology material for review and confirmation of diagnosis. This information is gathered and reviewed with the Brain Tumor Center physicians prior to consultation or a new patient visit. We are able to receive most imaging and records electronically. Please contact us for details

    Contact Us

    For physicians with Urgent referrals or consultations, please contact the Physician Priority Link at 1-888-636-7997 or 888-7997.

    For all other referrals, please contact Maria Smith, referral coordinator, at Maria.Smith@cchmc.org or call 513-636-3411. Or you may contact Dr. Maryam Fouladi directly at Maryam.Fouladi@cchmc.org or by calling 513-803-1126. 

    To reach our clinic, care managers, or nurse practitioners, please call 513-636-8790.

    To schedule a new patient visit, please contact Maria Smith at 513-636-3411.

    To schedule follow-up or routine patient visits, please call 513-636-8790.

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