• Projects and Research

    The Center for Acute Care Nephrology (CACN) is committed to developing and standardizing optimal care – and realizing the optimal outcomes – for children and adults with or at risk for acute kidney injury. Through many collaborations, nationally and internationally, the CACN conducts research projects that explore identification, treatment and prevention of acute kidney injury and  renal failure. At Cincinnati Children’s, the CACN is working to change the outcomes through various partnerships, including: 

    Collaboration with Heart Institute at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

    • The CACN will conduct one of the first prospective studies to use urinary acute kidney injury (AKI) biomarkers to prevent or mitigate AKI in infants after cardiac bypass surgery.
    • A first-of-its-kind study will compare peritoneal dialysis and IV furosemide as fluid balance control therapies for infants recovering from cardiac bypass surgery.
    • A combined pediatric and adult study will be the first of its kind to use urinary AKI biomarkers to direct fluid removal therapy using an extracorporeal device

    Collaboration with Intensive Care Unit at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital 

    • Conducting studies using new criteria for identifying patients at risk for developing AKI in the intensive care unit, potentially serving as the basis for future diagnostic, therapeutic and interventional trials.
    • Conducting one of the first prospective studies using validated urinary AKI biomarkers to direct early interventions to prevent or mitigate worsening AKI in critically ill children with multiorgan dysfunction syndrome.
    • Conducting pharmacokinetic studies for critically ill children receiving continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT).  These studies will help develop and validate dosing profiles for multiple medications in the AKI/CRRT scenarios.

    Collaboration with the James M. Anderson Center for Health Care Excellence at Cincinnati Children's Hospital

    • Identifying hospitalized patient at risk for AKI from medications that can be toxic to the kidney.  This hospital wide effort is the first to use the electronic health record to identify at risk patients, allowing the pharmacy and nephrology departments to assist primary care teams to reduce nephrotoxic medication AKI rates and severity.
    • Designing a systematic process for identifying and following patients that have developed AKI while in the hospital, following these patients by a designated AKI team in the outpatient setting.

    National Collaborative Projects

    • Participating in a multicenter study, characterizing the PK of understudied drugs administered to children per standard of care as prescribed by their treating caregiver. The data collected through this initiative will provide valuable PK and dosing information drugs in different pediatric age groups as well as special pediatric populations.
    • Participating in a national consortium, evaluating the incidence and prevalence of drug induced renal injury and determine if a genetic predisposition exists.

    Contact Us

    For more information regarding ongoing or upcoming research in the CACN, contact:

    Theresa Mottes, RN, CDM
    Research Nurse

    Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
    Division of Nephrology and Hypertension
    3333 Burnet Avenue
    MLC 7022
    Cincinnati, OH 45229-3039

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    The Center for Acute Care Nephrology (CACN) is developing a variety of therapies to treat acute kidney injury (AKI) and kidney failure. Services provided by the CACN include acute Hemodialysis, aquapheresis and continuous renal replacement therapy.

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    Learn about the faculty and staff members who comprise the Center for Acute Care Nephrology (CACN).

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  • Vicenza Award

    Stuart Goldstein, MD (right) with Claudio Ronco, MD (left). Ronco hosted the Critical Care Nephrology conference.
    Stuart Goldstein, MD, director of Cincinnati Children’s Center for Acute Care Nephrology, received the International Vicenza Award for Critical Care Nephrology at the 31st Course on Critical Care Nephrology in June. This award recognizes individuals who have made seminal clinical research advancements that have significantly improved the care of critically ill patients with acute kidney injury (AKI), which have been adopted worldwide.Read More
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