Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute

  • Contact / Referral Information

    The Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute encourages patients, families and healthcare professionals to contact us with questions. See below for phone numbers of specific programs and centers.

    How Do I Refer a Patient?

    The Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute is pleased to work with physicians from all around the country and the world. Whether you have an emergency referral or would simply like to discuss a case, we welcome your calls.

    For questions related to a blood and marrow transplant, contact Mat Goodridge at or 513-803-0074.

  • Programs and Centers

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    Emergency / Inpatient Transfers

    For inpatient transfers or life-threatening situations, call Physician Priority Link, 1-888-636-7997 or 513-636-7997.

    Blood Diseases

    Contact Cindi Tillman, RN, 513-636-8790, option 2. Fax to 513-803-1111  or email to

    Bone Marrow Transplantation

    Contact Anne Witte at or 513-636-1371.

    Bone Marrow Failure Program

    Contact Anne Witte at or 513-636-1371.

    Cancer Program

    Call Physician Priority Link at 1-888-636-7997 or 513-636-7997 and ask to speak to the attending oncologist, or e-mail

    Cancer Survivor Center

    Contact our clinic nurse practitioners:  Judy Correll at, 513-636-3512; or Debra Kent at, 513-636-4645.

    Immune Deficiency and Histiocytosis

    To request a consultation, contact Linda Carl at or 513-803-2603.

  • Why Refer to Us?

    Learn about some of the highlights of the Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute, including our state-of-the-art transport services.

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