Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute

  • Pain Management

    Children who have cancer, a blood disease or an immune disorder can experience physical pain and discomfort, sometimes because of the treatment and sometimes because of the disease itself. To address this concern, our care teams work closely with the Cincinnati Children’s Pain Management Service and Palliative Care Service.

    Pain Management Service

    Experts from this service include anesthesiologists and advance practice nurses. They care for children who are hospitalized, creating a personalized pain management plan. In 2007, Cincinnati Children’s became the first pediatric medical center in the United States to receive the American Pain Society’s Clinical Centers of Excellence in Pain Management Award. This distinction reflects our commitment to excellence in.

    Palliative Care

    This medical specialty focuses on providing relief from pain and other debilitating symptoms of chronic or life-threatening illnesses. Our palliative care team includes anesthesiologists, advance practice nurses and social workers. These specialists help patients experience the best quality of life possible, even in the midst of serious health issues.

    The Palliative Care team usually gets involved in a child’s care during an inpatient stay at the request of the child’s physician at Cincinnati Children’s. They develop an individualized treatment plan, working closely with specialists from Holistic Health, Child Life, the Psychology Department and Pastoral Care as needed. After discharge, palliative care specialists can reconnect with patients and families by phone, when the patient comes to the hospital for outpatient care, or during another inpatient stay.

  • More About Pain Management

    Learn more about how our physicians diagnose and treat post-surgical pain and other severe pain.

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