• A Network of Support for Families

    The mission of the Family Support Network at Cincinnati Children’s is to support the quality of life for children and families experiencing cancer, a blood disease or immune disorder.

    The Family Support Network consists of a team of specialists who can provide physical, emotional, spiritual and financial support.

  • Services We Offer

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    Child Life specialists prepare children and their families for hospitalization, clinic visits or procedures through the use of play experiences, developmentally appropriate information and therapeutic support.
    Teachers with the School Intervention Program help children ages 3-22 make the transition back to the classroom following hospitalization or the diagnosis of a chronic illness. Our teachers can work closely with a child’s teachers and school staff to help them accommodate the child’s specific educational needs. They can also educate classmates about a child’s cancer, blood disease or immune disorder.

    School is a very important part of each child’s day. The Child Life School Program at Cincinnati Children’s is offered for this reason.

    Bedside Education teachers provide school-aged children with grade-level appropriate instruction during a hospital stay when the child’s condition allows.

    Participation in the Child Life School Program gives patients the opportunity to complete assignments and receive credit for attending school during their hospital stay. School services usually begin following the third day of hospitalization.

    Instruction takes place in a multiage classroom or at bedside for students who are confined to their rooms. With parental permission, school needs can be communicated between the hospital classroom and the child’s school. Families are encouraged to bring their child’s books to the hospital. If no assignments are available, age-appropriate work will be offered. Daily attendance is recorded and sent to the child’s school following discharge.

    Arrangements for attending school can be made by calling the hospital teacher at 513-636-0571 or by contacting your child’s nurse.

    Financial Services counselors help families understand their medical bills and apply for financial assistance when needed. For information about your medical bills, or to manage your account online, visit Billing Services.

    Integrative care specialists at Cincinnati Children’s offer education and counseling on holistic health topics. Members of the team who serve patients with cancer, a blood disease or immune disorder are licensed massage therapists. They provide pain management techniques, stress reduction strategies and other comfort measures, including massage therapy, acupressure and reflexology therapy.

    Pastoral Care offers spiritual and emotional support 24 hours a day. Our chaplains provide visitation and prayer and are always available to reflect with family members about upcoming decisions. Members of our pastoral care team also provide regular worship services and prayer times and administer the sacraments. They can also help families draw on the support of local religious communities.
    Social Workers are here to provide families with emotional support and connect them with helpful resources during the journey through treatment. Soon after you arrive at Cincinnati Children’s, you will be introduced to a social worker, who will be available to you during and after your child’s stay. 
    Learn about our Pain Management Program and how our physicians diagnose and treat post-surgical pain and other severe pain.
    All patients and their families have a right to receive medical information in their preferred language. For families that do not speak English, Cincinnati Children’s will assist with language services. Qualified medical interpreters are provided for you at no cost during your child’s medical appointments. Learn more about translation services.
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