• A Leader in Cardiology Care

    The Cardiology Clinic at the Heart Institute provides outstanding care to children and young adults with suspected or diagnosed cardiovascular disease.

    The Heart Institute is a pioneer in providing a consistent team and family-centered approach to cardiac care for children and adults with cardiovascular disease. Each clinic works as a team, and patients soon become familiar with their team members. Every patient and family are ensured a long-term relationship with a cardiologist - versus doctors rotating in and out - creating a much more reassuring environment.

    General clinics are held every day of the week at the Cincinnati Children's Burnet Campus in the recently-renovated, spacious, family-friendly and comfortable outpatient floor. In addition, our Burnet Campus clinic space is divided into a Pediatric Clinic for our patients less than 18 years old and an Adult Clinic to accommodate the special needs, desires and comfort of our growing adult population with congenital heart disease. We also hold numerous clinics each month at a variety of our neighborhood locations as well as at regional centers (Portsmouth, OH; Maysville, KY; Batesville, IN; Washington Courthouse, OH).

    One Stop Care

    Specialty testing, such as electrocardiograms, chest X-rays, Holter monitors, echocardiograms and exercise tests, is available at the time of the initial visit if necessary. A comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and management plan are provided as early as possible for each patient. In many cases, return visits aren't necessary due to the comprehensive planning the Heart Institute provides during the initial consultation.

    Family-Centered Care

    This family-friendly environment is designed to provide outstanding care coordination and reassurance for families. Continuity of care and follow-up with your cardiologist are important to us. You will be given the names and contact numbers of your child's outpatient clinical care team at your first clinic visit.

    Contact the Heart Institute

    For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 513-636-4432.

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