• Meet the Team

    Meet the team members of the Heart Institute's Cardiology Clinic at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

  • A photo of Thomas Kimball.

    Thomas R. Kimball, MD Medical Director, Heart Institute 513-636-8270

    Andrew Redington, MD.

    Andrew Redington, MD Executive Co-Director, Heart Institute; Chief, Pediatric Cardiology

    A photo of Robert Beekman III.
    A photo of Jonathan Byrnes.

    Jonathan W. Byrnes, MD Attending Cardiac Intensivist, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit 513-803-1801

    A photo of James Cnota.

    Chad Connor, MD Staff Physician, Division of Cardiology, Electrophysiology and CICU 734-255-0861

    Lisa M. DiPietro, MD

    Lisa M. DiPietro, MD Clinical Fellow, Cardiology Clinic, Heart Institute 513-636-4432

    A photo of Allison A. Divanovic.

    Allison A. Divanovic, MD Co-Director, Medical Student/Resident Education, Heart Institute 513-636-3867

    A photo of Bryan Goldstein.
    A photo of Brandon Hays.

    Brandon S. Hays, MD Clinical Fellow, Heart Institute 513-803-5116

    A photo of Haleh C. Heydarian.

    Haleh C. Heydarian, MD Cardiologist, Cardiology Clinic 513-636-6646

    A photo of Ilias Iliopoulos.

    Ilias D. Iliopoulos, MD Attending Cardiac Intensivist, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit 513-803-4574

    A photo of Thomas Kimball.

    Thomas R. Kimball, MD Medical Director, Heart Institute 513-636-8270

    A photo of Christopher Learn.
    A photo of Lisa Lee.

    Lisa A. Lee, MD Director, Community Based Cardiology, The Heart Institute 859-344-4732

    A photo of Nicolas Madsen.
    A photo of Peace Madueme.
    A photo of Erik Michelfelder.

    Erik C. Michelfelder, MD Co-Director, Cardiac Imaging Services, Heart Institute 513-636-1199

    Alexis Ramby, DO
    Lindsay S. Rogers, MD

    Lindsay S. Rogers, MD Attending Cardiologist, Cardiology Clinic, Heart Institute 513-803-4538

    A photo of James Starc.

    James J. Starc, MD Clinical Cardiology Fellow, Heart Institute 513-636-4432

    A photo of Christopher J. Statile, MD.

    Christopher J. Statile, MD Pediatric Cardiologist, Heart Institute 513-636-4579

    A photo of Joshua Sticka.

    Joshua J. Sticka, MD Cardiologist, Heart Institute 513-636-9806

    A photo of Dr. Arnold Strauss.

    Arnold W. Strauss, MD Associate Director for External Relations and Strategic Projects, Cincinnati Children's Research Foundation 513-636-2942

    A photo of Jeffrey Towbin.

    Jeffrey A. Towbin, MD, FAAP, FACC, FAHA Director, Heart Institute Diagnostic Laboratory 513-636-3049

    A photo of Gruschen R. Veldtman.

    Gruschen R. Veldtman, FRCP, MBChB Director of Inpatient ACHD Services, Heart Institute 513-636-4432

    A photo of Gary Webb.

    Gary D. Webb, MD Director, Cincinnati Adolescent and Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program 513-803-1777

    A photo of Wendy Whiteside.
    A photo of Ivan Wilmot.

    Ivan Wilmot, MD Heart Failure, Transplant, VAD Physician 513-803-2913

    A photo of Samuel Wittekind.

    Samuel G. Wittekind, MD Pediatric Cardiology Fellow, Division of Cardiology, Heart Institute 513-636-6556

    A photo of Laura Jansen.

    Laura Jansen, PA-C Physician Assistant, Division of Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery, Heart Institute 513-636-4770

    A photo of David Morales.

    David L. S. Morales, MD Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery, Heart Institute, Cardiothoracic Surgery 513-803-9150