• Injury Prevention

    A prevailing belief in our society is that childhood injuries are accidents or random events. To the contrary, a growing body of scientific evidence has established that injury is similar to any other disease in that it follows a pattern and is highly predictable and preventable. As part of our commitment to excellence in pediatric care, Cincinnati Children's has not only embraced the concept of injury as a disease, but also the belief that prevention is the most humane and cost-effective form of cure.

    Below you will find the tips for parents to help keep their kids safe.  The information is broken down by location of injury and includes information for all ages to help you find what you need.  There is also a link that discusses current safety resources available here at the CCIC, Cincinnati Children's, and nationwide.  Please don't hesitate to contact us at 513-636-7865, "Option 1", or ccic_department@cchmc.org, if you have any questions about injury prevention tips, safety resources, or programs.

    Injury Prevention Tips

    Learn more about the safety resources available here at the CCIC.

  • Safety Guides


    Child Safety Guide (PDF) - Specifically written for children ages 5 and under, the booklet is filled with information about car seat safety, preventing injuries in the home, in and around water, and outdoors.

    Safety Guide for School-Aged Kids (PDF) - Covers all the injury prevention tips to keep your children, ages 5-14 years, safe as they grow.

    Child Passenger Safety Guide (PDF) - Includes all the information you need to properly buckle up your children from birth to 8 years old.

    Head Injury Clinic Safety Guide (PDF) - Describes how to diagnose and treat concussions, as well as provides information on how soon a child can return to regular activities following a head injury.