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    "Building Safety on Your Block" is a partnership in Hamilton County working to reduce injuries and improve safety in communities through home safety days, community education and prevention programs and increased engagement among community leaders.  Please follow us on Facebook to get information on upcoming small group and large group meetings and trainings in 2014.

    February 27, 2013 Summit

    A summit on February 27, 2013 was held to build off of the discussions of community leaders, advocates and residents from the December meeting and subsequent small group work.  Attendees identified "working groups" to help further efforts around different topics and began to discuss the possibilities and requests for their work.  Groups were identified to work on:

    • Education
    • Home Safety
    • Safe Neighborhoods
    • Pedestrian Safety
    • Teen Driving
    • Water Safety
    • Animal Safety

    We will begin to schedule follow-up working group meetings with times and locations and share them with everyone on our mailing list and on our Facebook page.

    December 10, 2012 Summit

    More than 70 attendees participated in productive discussions on the future of the work in their community and the tri-state area.  Information was collected from participants during the summit regarding their level of commitment and the goals they would set for themselves and the collaborative work going forward.

    As the attendees broke up into small groups, each table went about to answer the following questions:

    • Goals: What community-safety goals would inspire you to take on new ways of working?
    • Professionals: Which professionals or organizations need to participate?
    • Role: What role would each professional/organization play?
    • Community stakeholders: What community members are essential to engage?
    • Responsibilities: What must citizens do for the partnership to be successful?
    • How to engage: What will/would you do to get citizens to show up?

    Read a summary of those responses (PDF)

    See pictures from the summit (PDF)

  • The Cincinnati skyline as seen from Northern Kentucky.
    The Cincinnati skyline as seen from Northern Kentucky.