• Cerebral Palsy Clinic

    A diagnosis of cerebral palsy can be overwhelming, but the CP Clinic at Cincinnati Children’s is here to help!  We are a multidisciplinary team with members from the Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the Division of OT / PT and the Aaron W. Perlman Center.

    As part of the CP Program, our experience and cutting-edge advances in care can make an enormous difference in your child’s life, even when there are significant challenges. Whatever is needed − robotic therapy, special braces, occupational, physical or speech therapy or medical management − your child will get the advantage of the very best care available to reach his or her fullest potential.

    What to Expect: We Are in This Together 

    The CP Clinic operates as an “arena” style clinic, which means that all of our team members are in the room with you at the same time. This allows care to be coordinated among our specialists and you and reduces the number of times you have to tell your child’s story.  

    The members of our team that will be with you in clinic are:

    • A physician
    • A social worker
    • An occupational therapist
    • A physical therapist
    • A dietitian (if necessary)

    You will receive a call from one of our CP nurses about a week before your visit for a brief medical review. This will help prepare the team for the visit to make sure your needs and concerns are fully addressed.

    At the end of your visit you will receive a detailed review of the evaluation with input from each care provider who was present.

  • About Our CP Specialists

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    The physicians in CP Clinic are pediatric physiatrists.  With expertise in the care of children with disabilities, our physicians ensure that every child receives the most appropriate treatment to reach his or her best potential. 

    Along with managing spasticity (tight muscles) and overseeing therapy and equipment needs, the doctors in CP Clinic work with primary care doctors and specialists to address concerns ranging from constipation to bone health to sleep to contractures.  The physicians lead the CP Clinic team.

    Understanding how a child’s motor performance develops, and how it is related to the child’s cognitive development, is the basis of pediatric physical therapy. 

    Our therapists use positive approaches, age-appropriate activities and cutting-edge techniques to improve a child’s motor skills, balance and coordination, and strength and endurance.  Our physical therapists collaborate with occupational therapists, physicians and other specialists to maximize your child’s potential with specific programs customized to address his unique needs.

    The term “occupation” covers more than just paid jobs. Occupations are the ordinary, familiar and meaningful activities that people do every day. Occupational therapy (OT) helps children learn skills and participate in activities for successful, independent daily living and to engage in normal daily life to the greatest extent possible.

    OT focuses on developing specific life skills. Through specific exercises and task-related activities, occupational therapists help your child learn and regain these critical skills. Our programs are individualized to address each child’s unique needs and challenges. And when skill and strength cannot be developed or improved, we work with your child and family to develop creative alternatives and solutions to achieve functional goals.

    When medical complications exist, adequate growth is still a primary concern.  Our registered dietitian has specialized training to understand pediatric nutrition for normal growth and development and therapeutic needs. 

    Additionally, the dietitian practices family-centered care, taking into account the family’s community setting and culture and how family members interact with nutrition and health.

    Our care coordinators help you find the resources you need at Cincinnati Children’s and in the community. They provide support and information that is important to your child’s development and education.

    Some of the areas our care coordinators are available to help families with include financial resources, school advocacy, activities within the community, respite and mental health support.

    This support is important to your family’s well-being and promotes your child’s progress. Care coordinators are members of every child’s multidisciplinary CP Clinic team.

  • Outcomes and Statistics

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    Tracking outcomes and statistics in Cerebral Palsy Clinic at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and sharing this information with our families is an important part of how we work to continually improve care. It is our hope that this results in a better quality of life for you and your child.

    Family survey.

    In fiscal year 2014 (July 2013 to June 2014) surveys were sent to our families to ask several questions about their experience with our clinic team.

    Clinic visits.


    Over the last three years, the Cerebral Palsy Clinic has experienced growth in the number of patients served. This growth represents the value we place on excellence in care and dedication of our team members from the Perlman Center, the Division of OT/PT, Nutrition, Orthopaedic Surgery and the Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. We are a leader in the care of children with cerebral palsy.