• Treatments and Services

    Our multidisciplinary approach to care in the Cerebral Palsy clinic allows our team of experts to treat your child with an array of services. At Cincinnati Children’s, we don’t just treat your child; we provide support for the entire family. Among many others, the following services are available when needed:

    • Spasticity management
    • Therapy programs (occupational, physical, speech)
    • Orthopaedic management
    • Nutrition management
    • Therapeutic early intervention and preschool
    • Assistive technology program
    • Equipment assessment, recommendation and provision
    • School transition planning
    • Support on obtaining community services
    • Cognitive evaluation for school planning
    • Clinical trials and other research opportunities
  • What to Expect

    Cerebral Palsy Program at Cincinnati Children's.

    Learn more about what to expect when your child becomes a patient with the Cerebral Palsy Program.

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