Child Life

  • Medical Play

    The Child Life Specialists at Cincinnati Children's use medical play to help put children and teens at ease about upcoming tests or procedures. Play can involve real or toy medical equipment. We have provided some examples and tips for engaging in age-appropriate medical play with your child. For infants and small children, each activity must be supervised by an adult.

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    • Toy medical equipment
    • Painting with pudding using syringes, mouth sponges, or gauze


    • Make a collage with Band-Aids, gauze, IV tubing, thermometers, cotton balls and tongue depressors to create a picture
    • Painting with pudding using syringes, mouth sponges, or gauze
    • Toy medical equipment

    School Age

    • Collage making
    • Syringe painting
    • Blank cloth dolls children can be used to play doctor with while manipulating medical equipment / procedures and drawing a face on them to express emotions
    • Finger casting
    • Hospital bingo
    • Use hospital items to create a mobile
    • Puppet play
    • Hospitalopoly can be created by revising a Monopoly game and changing cards and game board to incorporate hospital areas


    • Outline body on craft paper and collect items to describe life experiences to glue inside outline
    • Medical Bingo