• Contact Us

    For more information about the CHIP Study, contact:

    Phone: 513-803-CHIP (2447)

    • Press 1 to speak with the intervention team about the injury or literacy groups. 
    • Press 2 to speak with the rest of the CHIP staff. When contacting us, please DO NOT mention which group you are assigned to (injury prevention or literacy). 

    Fax: 513-803-5399

    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
    MLC 15015
    3333 Burnet Ave.
    Cincinnati, OH 45229

    CHIP Team Members & Contact Info:

    Stacey Liddy
    Senior Specialist − Project Management
    Email: stacey.liddy@cchmc.org
    Phone: 513-636-1951

    William Bell
    Clinical Research Coordinator
    Intervention Technician
    Email: william.bell@cchmc.org
    Phone: 513-803-0708

    Kyndra Cornelous
    Clinical Research Coordinator
    Email: kyndra.cornelous@cchmc.org
    Phone: 513-803-8068 

    Anthony Semones
    Clinical Research Coordinator
    Intervention Technician
    Email: anthony.semones@cchmc.org
    Phone: 513-803-0709

    Stacey Woeste
    Clinical Research Coordinator
    Email: anastasia.woeste@cchmc.org
    Phone: (513)803-5393

    Katelyn Lutz
    Clinical Research Coordinator
    Email: katelyn.lutz@cchmc.org
    Phone: 513-803-5398

    Emily Henry
    Phone Surveyor
    Email: emily.henry@cchmc.org
    Phone: 513-803-5396 

    Samantha Gregory
    Phone Surveyor
    Email: samantha.gregory@cchmc.org
    Phone: 513-809-5394