• What Participants Can Expect

  • Once you and your child are screened for eligibility, we will come to your home for a baseline home visit (BHV). We will interview you and look in your home for possible injury hazards that could hurt your baby. When the first visit is completed, you will be put into either the injury prevention group or the literacy promotion group. Neither the CHIP Study staff nor participants will be able to choose which group you are put into. The assignment is random.

    If you are put into the injury prevention group, we will come to your home again to look for potential injury hazards. This time, we will install safety devices or make changes to your home where hazards are found to try to make it safer for children.

    If you are put into the literacy promotion group, you will also benefit from the study. We will come to your home and talk to you about the importance of reading to your baby. You will be given reading materials, a reading blanket, book bag and a library card.

    When your child is approximately 1 and 2 years old, we will come to your home again for follow-up visits.  Like the first visit, we will interview you and look for potential injury hazards in your home that could hurt your baby.  We will also ask you questions about your baby’s safety, behavior and development.

    Throughout the course of the study, the CHIP Study staff will call you about every three months to complete a phone survey. We will ask you about the time you spend with your child and any injuries your child may have had. Phone calls begin once your child reaches 6 months of age.

  • To speak with the project manager for the CHIP Study, contact Stacey Liddy at 513-636-1951 or email stacey.liddy@cchmc.org.

    CHIP Study fax: 513-803-5399

  • CHIP Contact Information

    CHIP group shot.

    Enrollment is Now Closed

    We are no longer enrolling participants into the CHIP Study, but we plan to apply for additional funding in February, 2015. If additional funding is granted, we may contact you to participate in another phase of the study. If you would like more information about our study please call 513-803-CHIP (2447). Press 1 for the intervention team, and 2 to speak with all other staff.