• Medical and Scientific Directors of Labs

  • A photo of Paul Steele.

    Paul E. Steele, MD Medical Director, Clinical Laboratory 513-636-4898

    A photo of Prasad Devarajan.

    Prasad Devarajan, MD Director, Division of Nephrology and Hypertension 513-636-4531

    A photo of Larry Dolan.

    Lawrence M. Dolan, MD Director, Division of Endocrinology 513-636-4744

    A photo of Lisa Filipovich.

    Alexandra (Lisa) H. Filipovich, MD Ralph J. Stolle Chair, Clinical Immunology 513-803-3218

    A photo of Ralph A. Gruppo.

    Ralph A. Gruppo, MD Director, Comprehensive Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center 513-636-4269

    A photo of Punam Malik.

    Punam Malik, MD Marjory J. Johnson Chair of Gene and Cell Therapy 513-636-1333

    A photo of Mark Mitsnefes.

    Mark M. Mitsnefes, MD, MS Director, Clinical and Translational Research Center 513-636-0125

    A photo of Joel Mortensen.

    Joel E. Mortensen, PhD Director, Diagnostic Infectious Diseases Testing Laboratory (Microbiology and Virology) 513-636-5310

    A photo of Charles Quinn, MD.

    Charles T. Quinn, MD, MS Director, Hematology Clinical and Translational Research 513-636-4266

    A photo of Teresa Smolarek.

    Teresa Smolarek, PhD Director, Cytogenetics Laboratory 513-636-7221

    A photo of Peter Tang.

    Peter H. Tang, PhD Director, Special Chemistry 513-636-3357

    A photo of David Witte.

    David P. Witte, MD Director, Pathology 513-636-4261

    A photo of Kejian Zhang.

    Kejian Zhang, MD, MBA Director, Molecular Genetics Laboratory 513-636-0121