• Information for Adult Participants

    Research and You

    Whether to participate in research is an important decision. We appreciate your interest and encourage you to ask questions. Almost daily, research discovers information about medical conditions and possible ways to help adults and children. Cincinnati Children’s is involved in research because it is very important to understanding diseases and developing ways to prevent and treat health problems in children, as well as adults.

    What is research?

    Research (sometimes referred to as a “research study,” “medical research,” “clinical research study” or “clinical trial”) is a carefully planned test. The purpose of research is to learn about:

    • Health
    • Diseases
    • Medicines
    • New treatments

    Why is research needed?

    Without research, doctors cannot know how best to treat adults and children. Treatments for adults must be tested in adults (just as treatments for children must be tested in children). Research studies in healthy adults contribute important information to improve preventive child healthcare, too.

    Why participate in research?

    Participating in research may lead to knowledge that could benefit you and others. Depending upon the research, participants may also learn information about their condition. Research may help determine:

    • Correct dose
    • Medication safety
    • How well the medicine works
    • Side effects

    Research participation is not right for everyone. It is a personal choice. You should not feel bad if you choose not to participate in research.

    Who can participate in research?

    Anyone interested who meets the requirements may participate. Requirements may include specific:

    • Age
    • Weight
    • Gender
    • Medical history
    • Current medical condition
    • Diseases
    • Medication

    What are the risks connected with research?

    There are uncertainties in any research study. Research can involve surveys, medications, vaccines or other treatments. You may or may not notice any effects from being in the study. If you have side effects or a reaction while in the research study, you are given appropriate care.

    What is informed consent?

    Before you decide whether to participate in research, you must be fully “informed.” It is important for you to understand:

    • Your participation is voluntary
    • Why the research is being done
    • What the researchers want to accomplish
    • What will be done and for how long
    • What risks are involved
    • What possible benefits can be expected
    • What other treatments are available
    • You have the right to leave the study at any time without interfering with your regular care

    Will there be pay for my participation?

    Sometimes there is pay or compensation for your time and effort.

    What research is being conducted?

    See a current list of research studies for adults and children being conducted at Cincinnati Children’s or call 513-636-0098.

    What if I want to learn more about research?

    Visit our research pages to read more.

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  • Enroll in Our Research Study Database

    To enroll in our database to be notified about future studies, please complete an online sign up form.

    A staff member from the Office for Clinical and Translational Research may contact you after receiving your submission to clarify your information and to talk about any specific research study interests you have for yourself.