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    Research Study for Children and Adults With Down Syndrome
    • Conditions:Adult Studies, Disabilities: Developmental, Disabilities: Intellectual, Down Syndrome
    • Gender:Female, Male
    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is conducting a research study, sometimes known as a clinical trial or clinical study, to collect information for the Jane and Richard Thomas Center for Down Syndrome, to be used to help improve healthcare for people with Down Syndrome, to stimulate int... More
    Children 18-36 Months with Down Syndrome for Language Study
    • Conditions:Down Syndrome, Language/Speech
    • Gender:Female, Male
    The Thomas Center at Cincinnati Children’s is conducting a research study for children with Down syndrome to evaluate whether indirect language therapy will have the same effects on their speech as traditional language therapy.... More
    Down Syndrome Study for Children and Teens
    • Conditions:Down Syndrome
    • Gender:
    Cincinnati Children’s is conducting a research study, sometimes known as a clinical trial or clinical study, to look at the relationship between disturbed sleep (as children with Down syndrome commonly don’t sleep well) and behavioral and cognitive processing in children and teens with Down syndrom... More
    Healthy Volunteers and Those with Developmental Disabilities Needed for a Research Study
    • Conditions:
    • Gender:
    This is a research study to create a repository, or storage area, of biological samples (such as blood or urine) and matching data from people who have Developmental Disabilities as well as from healthy controls.  Examples of Developmental Disabilities include, but are not limited to, autism spectr... More

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    The Clinical Trials Office at Cincinnati Children’s provides sponsors and investigators with comprehensive support services, research tools, personnel and facilities to conduct or facilitate pediatric and adult clinical research studies. Contact us for more information.