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    IBD and Stress Research Study For Teens and their Families
    • Conditions:Crohn's Disease and Colitis, Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition, Mental Health
    • Gender:Female, Male
    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is conducting a family-based research study (sometimes referred to as a clinical trial or clinical study), to look at treatment adherence (follow-through with treatment recommendations like taking medications), and how stress might affect adherence and ... More
    Early-Onset Bipolar Medication Study
    • Conditions:Medications, Mental Health
    • Gender:Female, Male
    This is a 7 to 8 week research study to compare the effectiveness of Depakote or Risperdal with placebo (pretend medicine) in children with bipolar disorder. ... More
    Is Your Teenage Daughter Depressed? 14 to 19 Year Old Girls Needed for a Research Study
    • Conditions:
    • Gender:
    We want to improve our understanding of adolescents affected by depression. Participants will not receive any kind of treatment for depression in this research study, but we will investigate how depression affects the brain. ... More
    A Research Study for Children 7 to 11 Years Old Who Are Depressed
    • Conditions:
    • Gender:
    Cincinnati Children’s is conducting a research study, otherwise known as a clinical trial or clinical study, to look at depression in children and teens.  Eligible subjects would receive an investigational medication, fluoxetine or placebo (inactive pill).   ... More

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