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    Help Us Build a Blood and Tissue Bank
    • Conditions:Adult Studies, Hematology - Fanconi Anemia, Hematology - Hemophilia, Hematology - Thrombosis, Hematology - Sickle Cell and Hemoglobin
    • Gender:Female, Male
    Researchers studying hematology are collecting samples and clinical information to learn more about non-malignant (not cancerous) blood disorders to find better treatments for these disease and possibly other diseases as well. Non-malignant blood disorders include anemia, bleeding and thrombotic di... More
    Investigation into the Immunologic and Molecular Basis of Primary Immune Deficiencies and Immune Regulatory Disorders
    • Conditions:Autoimmune, Cancer - Immune Deficiency and Histiocytosis, Hematology - Fanconi Anemia, Hematology - Hemophilia, Hematology - Thrombosis, Hematology - Sickle Cell and Hemoglobin, Rheumatology
    • Gender:Female, Male
    The purpose of this research study is to help the doctors learn more about disorders of the immune system. The research doctors of the Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center would like to collect blood / tissue samples from patients with a diagnosis or ... More
    A Research Study for Children and Adults who have Kidney Damage Caused by Sickle Cell Disease
    • Conditions:Hematology - Sickle Cell and Hemoglobin
    • Gender:Female, Male
    This is a research study to find out if a medication, called losartan, can help reduce or reverse sickle cell-related kidney disease.... More
    Do You or a Loved One Have Sickle Cell Disease?
    • Conditions:
    • Gender:
    We want to learn more about how sickle cell disease (SCD) affects the heart and lungs. We also want to figure out the best way to look at the heart and lungs by comparing two tests: an echocardiogram (or “echo”) and a magnetic resonance imaging of the heart (or cardiac MRI).   ... More

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