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  • Imperforate Anus (Anorectal Malformations) in Children

    Anorectal malformations are types of colorectal conditions that comprise a wide spectrum of diseases, which can affect boys and girls, and involve the distal anus and rectum as well as the urinary and genital tracts.  Defects occur during the fifth to seventh weeks of fetal development. With these anorectal anomalies, the anus (the opening at the end of the large intestine through which stool passes) and the rectum (the area of the large intestine just above the anus) do not develop properly. Approximately one in 4,000 children is born with an anorectal malformation. There is a very large spectrum of defects and treatments associated with anorectal malformations in children. Defects may range from the very minor and easily treated (with an excellent functional prognosis), to those that are complex, with varying diagnoses and treatments that depend on the gender of the child.

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    World-renowned colorectal surgeon, Alberto Peña, MD, presents the history and future of anorectal malformations. Watch the video.

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