• Improving Life for Children with Epilepsy

    Epilepsy Center.

    Seizures – whether frequent or occasional – rob a child of a normal, worry-free childhood. The goal of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center is to minimize your child’s seizures and lessen the side effects of treatment so he or she can enjoy the quality of life that every child deserves.

  • Erin's Story

    Erin Grasty began suffering seizures when she was 10. As a frequent visitor to Cincinnati Children's, she has learned how to manage her condition. Listen to Erin and her mother talk about their experience.

  • Conditions Treated

    We offer medical, surgical and dietary treatment options for children with epilepsy, including the New Onset Epilepsy Clinic, Epilepsy Surgery Program and the Epilepsy-Sleep Program.

  • Research Studies

    Our center has conducted more than 25 clinical trials / research studies of investigational anti-epileptic drugs for more than 250 patients.

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  • Divisions of Neurology and Neurosurgery

    Learn more about the complete range of neurologic services offered at Cincinnati Children’s.



  • About the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center

    A National Leader in Childhood Epilepsy Care

    If your child suffers from seizures, the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center can make an enormous difference in his quality of life. We can help reduce the frequency of your child’s seizures – often significantly − and lessen the side effects of medication. We have been designated a National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC) Level 4 epilepsy treatment center, a distinction given only to those centers qualified to diagnose and treat the most complex seizure disorders.

    Some of what we offer:

    • State-of-the-art medical therapy
    • Cutting-edge surgical technology
    • Extensive experience in controlling seizures with the ketogenic diet

    Our expert staff includes seven pediatric epileptologists, three neurosurgeons who specialize in pediatric epilepsy surgery, a pediatric neuropsychologist, six pediatric epilepsy nurse practitioners, four pediatric epilepsy nurses and three dietitians.

    Advanced Diagnostics

    Our Comprehensive Epilepsy Clinic is the only one in the nation to offer a full range of diagnostic tests and tools to evaluate pediatric epilepsy patients. Our diagnostic tools include:

    • SPECT
    • MEG
    • PET
    • EEG
    • SISCOM
    • fMRI
    • EGI

    These methods provide detailed evaluations of the extent and location of your child’s seizures. They allow us to map the structure of the brain, evaluate its electrical signals and measure the timing and frequency of seizures within hundredths of a second. This information is crucial in helping us determine the appropriate way to treat your child’s seizures. If surgery is one of those treatment options, these detailed evaluations help our expert surgical team remove the seizure focal point with pinpoint accuracy. 

    Individualized Treatment for Pediatric Epilepsy Patients

    Not every child responds to epilepsy treatment in the same way, so there is no one treatment that works for every child. Whether your child’s seizures have just started or the seizures have been occurring for years, our team will develop an individualized treatment plan that helps achieve the best quality of life with no seizures and no side effects from therapy.