• Epilepsy-Sleep Program

    This unique multidisciplinary program consists of faculty and staff from the sleep center and the comprehensive epilepsy center. We evaluate and treat children with epilepsy who have sleep problems. Our team includes an epileptologist board certified in sleep medicine, sleep medicine bard certified pulmonologists and psychologist, nurse practitioners and nurses.

    Sleep problems are very common in children with epilepsy. Untreated sleep problems can worsen the seizure control.  Diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders are important to improve quality of life of your child.

    We offer state- of- the- art diagnostic technologies and management strategies for your child. We also offer a combined sleep study and video EEG study, so your child’s epilepsy and sleep problems are evaluated during one hospital stay.

    The clinics that are involved in the program include:

    • Sleep-Epilepsy clinic
    • Sleep apnea clinic
    • Sleep disorders clinic
    • Behavioral sleep medicine clinic

    Initial evaluation, testing and follow up

    Once we receive your child’s information we will call you and ask you questions related to your child’s sleep. We will determine which clinic will best serve your child’s needs and will schedule you for that clinic. Your child will be evaluated by our sleep medicine trained provider and if needed a sleep study will be ordered.  After the study is performed you will be scheduled for a follow up appointment to discuss the results of the testing and management strategies. We will continue to follow and manage your child for sleep problems.

    For more information about sleep studies visit the Sleep Laboratory at Cincinnati Children's.


    We are actively involved in clinical research to improve the care of the children with epilepsy and sleep disorders. Our research is focused on identification of ideal treatment for both sleep disorders and epilepsy, impact of sleep disorder treatment on seizure-control and effect of sleep management on the quality of life of children. 

    Current research study: melatonin and sleep in children with epilepsy.

    For more information please contact Twila Rogers via email at twila.rogers@cchmc.org or call 513-636-0599.

    Contact Us

    The Sleep Disorders Center at Cincinnati Children’s is at our Burnet Campus, on the fifth floor of Location C (Outpatient Services Building). Get directions.

    To schedule an appointment or to refer a patient to the Sleep Center at Cincinnati Children’s, call 513-636-1077, or email sleep@cchmc.org.