• Epilepsy Surgery Program

    The Comprehensive Epilepsy Center offers surgical care in intractable cases where doctors believe the epilepsy may be alleviated by surgery. Children who come to the center will be evaluated to see if surgery is an option for them.

    They first proceed through phase one testing, in which  she receives extensive non-invasive monitoring and testing during a five-day hospital stay. The epilepsy surgical team reviews these test results carefully to localize the seizure focus and to further identify your child’s surgical candidacy. If the epilepsy surgery team does feel your child can benefit from surgery, preparation with the neurosurgery team will be made for one of several surgical procedures to treat your child’s epilepsy.

    Surgery may involve one or two steps, depending on your child’s problem and needs. As the only program in the country to offer a full complement of diagnostic tests, the epilepsy surgical team plans each surgery precisely, executes an individualized plan, and evaluates the surgery’s success in lessening the frequency and severity of seizures. Our ultimate goal is to improve your child’s quality of life.

  • Stephen's Story

    Stephen's Story.

    Stephen had brain surgery to remove the portion of his brain causing his seizures. He has been seizure free since surgery.

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