Cincinnati Children's Intestinal Care Center (CCICC)

  • Intestinal Rehabilitation Program (IRP)

    The Intestinal Rehabilitation Program (IRP) is a multidisciplinary program that provides consultation, management and long-term follow-up for children and their families coping with intestinal failure and short bowel syndrome. The program treats patients from all over the world; we’ve grown into a respected leader in the field, thanks to our innovative and multidisciplinary approach to reaching the best outcomes for our patients and their families.

    What is Intestinal Failure?

    Intestinal failure occurs when a child’s intestines cannot digest enough nutrients and fluids to support his or her growth and development. Short bowel syndrome is the most common cause of intestinal failure in children.

    The IRP team provides medical and surgical management of a number of intestinal dysfunction disorders, including but not limited to these:

    Our Multidisciplinary Team

    When your child comes to our program for treatment, he or she is evaluated by a team of experts. Our pediatric surgeons, gastroenterologists, neonatologists, nutritionists and nurses all have experience in managing children with long-term total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and intestinal failure. In addition, we collaborate with world-class feeding and pediatric motility experts to comprehensively treat your child’s digestive disorder. We also work with social workers and child developmental specialists; this broad range of specialties ensures that, whatever challenges your child and your family face, we have the knowledge and resources to help.