Cincinnati Children's Intestinal Care Center (CCICC)

  • Intestinal Transplant

    The innovative small bowel transplant program is built on years of pediatric transplantation experience. Our transplant team consists of pediatric gastroenterologists and pediatric transplant surgeons with vast experience in this field.

    The intestinal transplantation team at Cincinnati Children’s is led by pediatric gastroenterologist Samuel Kocoshis, MD, and pediatric surgeon, Jaimie Nathan, MD. Together, they have performed more than 300 liver transplants at Cincinnati Children’s since 1986 and more than 30 small intestinal or small intestinal-liver combined transplants. This includes several unique transplants such as segmental, whole, in situ, split and living related-donor transplants. The one year survival rate for the last five years is 100%.

    In 2003, the Intestinal Care Center performed its first combined liver and intestinal transplant. Since then, we’ve improved the outcomes for many children through combined liver and intestinal or isolated intestinal transplants.

    When it’s appropriate, our transplant surgeons integrate the latest in research breakthroughs into their surgical care. Thanks to that forward-thinking viewpoint, our survival rates are in line with the most mature transplant programs in North America.