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    Simulation Facilitator Course

    This eight-hour course offered by the Center for Simulation and Research reviews the basic methodologies of simulation experiences, as well as adult learning theories and debriefing techniques. Experiential learning is critical to facilitating any simulation course; expounding on the art of debriefing and understanding the interactions of multidisciplinary teams and teamwork.

    During the course and deliberate hands-on practice, facilitators will review the following:

    • Definition of simulation in medicine
    • Technology driven learning
    • Experiential learning
    • Teaching points; technical and non-technical skill identification
    • Briefing participants on simulation and scenarios
    • Debriefing participants; encouraging reflection; considering positive and non-positive group interactions through video reviews
    • Developing team ideas and implementing future multidisciplinary initiatives
    • Quality Improvement of simulation courses and feedback interpretation

    Learning outcomes for each facilitator are measured consistently throughout their sessions, looking for many areas of positive impact on student knowledge, as well as areas of improvement in presentation and facilitation. Outcomes that are identified during a facilitator’s evaluation include:

    • Convey understanding of simulation training models
    • Identify key learning opportunities with participants, utilizing adult learning theory and experiential learning models
    • Actively assist in the organization of and follow-through of a simulation session
    • Effectively utilize debriefing theory and skills in simulation sessions
    • Look for methods of improvement, reflecting on course components and experiences, which may need modification or review

    2012 Facilitator Course Dates

    Currently scheduled Facilitator Courses are as follows:

    • July 24
    • October 23

    Course Availability and Price

    In addition to the dates listed, these courses can be set up and offered by request on a case-by-case basis. Minimum enrollment is required to hold each course. Contact the center for pricing and registration.