Center for Simulation and Research

  • Multidisciplinary Training

    Patient Safety

    At the Center for Simulation and Research, we are committed to reducing and preventing medical errors through multidisciplinary education and training. Serious Safety Event (SSE) reduction training incorporates technical (algorithms of care) and non-technical skills (teamwork and communication) required for potentially life-threatening emergencies in high-risk clinical simulations. Simulations are specific to a particular clinical environment (Emergency Department, ECMO, Critical Care, Radiology, Operating Room). All courses are encouraged to have a multidisciplinary team of caregivers who reflect the participants’ actual work teams.

    Courses will focus on the following objectives:

    • Recognize the history of adverse medical events and their impact on clinical practice and procedures.
    • Demonstrate the technical skills necessary to prevent adverse medical events in patient care.
    • Demonstrate the critical components of effective communication during patient care emergencies.
    • Apply the characteristics of effective team dynamics.

    These courses are offered by request on a case-by-case basis. Minimum enrollment is required to hold each course. Contact the center for pricing and registration.