Center for Simulation and Research

  • On-Site Training

    At the Center for Simulation and Research, many of our programs can be brought to your facility and healthcare teams. We can provide InSitu training, full-day patient safety courses and assist you in the identification of latent safety threats (environmental hazards) as you open facilities or move into new spaces. 

    InSitu Code Simulation

    InSitu simulation programs conduct simulations in the providers’ own clinical environments, working with all members of the healthcare team and the equipment that would normally be present. With the incorporation of mobile patient simulators, in situ training can duplicate complex clinical scenarios allowing the team to identify latent system threats and enhance group teamwork and communication. This innovative training is a powerful teaching method that engages the entire healthcare team to promote learning and improve critical elements of patient safety.

    New Space / Facility Testing

    Is your space safe?  Simulation provides a unique opportunity to test new spaces before a real patient ever walks through your doors. Space layout and placement of equipment that may have looked feasible on paper may prove detrimental to work teams caring for patients. Simulation training allows the healthcare team to acclimate to new surroundings as well as the identification of latent safety threats.  Latent safety threats are errors in design, organization, training or maintenance that may go unnoticed until an emergency arises.  With simulation, hazards can be addressed immediately rather than after an adverse event has occurred.